6 October 2023

Choose your own adventure

by Shaun Lawrence

Wow! This was probably my most difficult talk! Embedding the content into a .NET MAUI application/game and allowing you to influence the content was a challenge. Thank you so much for participating!

This post provides useful links in relation to the ‘Choose your own adventure’ talk.

Introducing .NET MAUI Book

Available at:

SignalR resources

Microsoft documentation https://learn.microsoft.com/aspnet/core/signalr/introduction

Voting code repository

hhttps://github.com/bijington/SignalRVotingPoll - Server side SignalR hub and Blazor/JavaScript based voting website.

Game controller support


iOS / macOS


Tips & Tricks

https://learn.microsoft.com/dotnet/maui/fundamentals/accessibility .NET MAUI documentation page on Accessibility. Contains some great resources to cover what .NET MAUI offers as well as some other concepts.

Useful resources

The power of .NET and SignalR

Orbit game engine

https://github.com/bijington/orbit - Repository containing the game engine that we have looked at in this talk plus some sample games to show how to use the engine.

Contact me

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