13 October 2021

Building a mobile game in Xamarin Forms - Introduction

by Shaun Lawrence

I was recently given the opportunity to talk about building a mobile game in Xamarin.Forms and as part of the talk I prepared a demo application to help show off some of the concepts that we used to build our own game.

The aim of this blog series is to guide you through that demo application and talk over some of the concepts that we applied in order to structure our code.

This series will take us:

From this default app To this
starting point result

The aim is to provide beginner through to more advanced concepts and will be broken down to the following sections:

  1. Creating the application
  2. Data layer
  3. Styling / resources
  4. MVVM setup
  5. BindableLayout
  6. Shapes/Paths + Converters
  7. Lottie
  8. Behaviors - COMING SOON
  9. Effects - COMING SOON
tags: C# - xamarin - xamarin.forms