20 July 2023

Building a sliding puzzle game in .NET MAUI - Introduction

by Shaun Lawrence

This post is part of the MAUI UI July community series of blog posts and videos, hosted by Matt Goldman. Be sure to check out the other posts in this series!

The aim of this blog series is to have a bit of fun playing around with the .NET MAUI Graphics APIs while also showing how we can make a good looking app. We will be building a game that replicates the old physical sliding puzzles that I used to play with loads as a child.

This series will take us:

From this default app To this    
starting point result result result

The posts in this series are broken down into manageable chunks where we can clearly define our objectives and tick them off as we go.

  1. Creating the application
  2. Creating our data layer
  3. Creating our home page
  4. Creating our tile grid
  5. Creating our level selection page
  6. Creating our game page
  7. Adding animations

Important points

The source code for the whole series can be fount at:


Note there there is a separate branch containing the result of each part within this blog series.

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Introduction Creating the application
tags: C# - maui - games - MauiUiJuly - MauiGraphics